Macaristan’da 1 Yıl ESC Gönüllülük Projesi

We organize international youth exchanges, trainings, Erasmus+ Programmes, children and family programs, exhibitions, camps, quizzes, courses, performances, and traditional programs to achieve our goals. Educational activities, trainings, workshops and counseling with groups of teenagers in relation with their current problems. We work with the tools of non-formal learning. We are involved in domestic and international training involving young people, because it is important for the professionals who work with them to progress. We monitor the development of international youth policy, participate in influencing processes defining domestic youth policy.
The 3 volunteers will live together in the same house but in separate rooms. In the house they will have everything, e.g. heating, hot water, wi-fi, gas, etc… The cleaning will be them own responsibility. They will have equipped kitchen. Next to the food and pocket money we provide the followins to the volunteers: bikes, public transport money for work, mentoring, language course, support, flexibility, etc…
We are searching for volunteers who able to work with any age group, this doesn’t mean that the volunteer need to work for example with babies or elderly people on daily basis but on the bigger events we also include them to our target group. Most of the time we work with youngsters at the age of 13-35 so the volunteers need to be open-minded, motivated, flexible, joyful and able to cooporate with that age group.

A total of 52 week(s) during the period 01/09/2022 to 31/08/2023

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