Ukrayna’da 8 Gün Eğitim Kursu Projesi

Call for participants! Incredible training course on inter-religious dialogue🗿🕌🛕⛪⛩️

📆31 August – 9 September 2021
🇺🇦Kyiv, Ukraine

🌍30 participants from 10 countries: Algeria, Armenia, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Italy, Jordan, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine.

✅to provide participants with an opportunity for a personal interaction with representatives of different religious traditions (Orthodox Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Slavic Native Faith, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc.), and give the space to reflect on important topics related to interfsith dialogue;
✅to raise the participants’ intercultural and interfaith sensitivity;
✅to link youth workers, leaders, academia, and representatives of different religions to overcome interfaith clashes and violent radicalization.

Participants profile:
✅youth workers and leaders, scholars, teachers, clergy, volunteers who are daily working with young people in the field of religion;
✅over 18 years old (no age limit);
✅good command of English;
✅experienced in the field of religion and non-formal education;
✅willing to promote the project during all phases;
✅readiness to travel during pandemic and follow all the quarantine rules.

💰The project is funded by the European Commission. Travel, meals, accommodation and activities are fully covered.

⏳Deadline: 24 July 2021.

📝Application form: Click HERE

For more information feel free to contact:

The project is hosted by The Oriental Studies Circle

Nasıl Gitmiş

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