Romanya’da 1 Hafta Erasmus+ Eğitim Kursu Projesi

Name: Bridging to Brighter Days: Non-formal Education and Mental Health in Youth

Date: 18-26May, 2024 (including travel days)

Place: Bucharest, Romania 🇷🇴🇪🇺

Number of Participants: 3

Accommodation, meals and transportation expenses will be covered by the host organisation. Travel reimbursement: Maximum 275 Euros. (Green Travel= Maximum 320 Euros) 

The round-travel route to be followed by the Turkish participants will be shared by the Turkish partner organisation. 

Participants Profile:

Youth workers who are:
-18+ years old,
-motivated and curious,
-having a good level in English,
-having the necessary dedication and commitment to carry out the follow-up activities,
-motivated to use green travel vehicles (bus, train etc.) within the scope of the project in line with the priorities and objectives of the European Union and the Erasmus+ Programme.

You can access more detailed information about the project on the information package.

Please click on the link for the information package: Infopack

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