Polonya’da 8 Gün Gençlik Değişim Projesi

Şehir Ülke : Miłków, Poland

Tarihler: 20-29.10.2022

Son başvuru tarihi: 26 Temmuz 2022 23:59

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🔸 Counteracting ill-considered consumerism🔸 Promoting pro-ecological attitudes through sound management of produced waste🔸 Building ecological awareness among young people 🔸 Making young people aware that things once acquired do not necessarily have to be things disposable🔸 Stimulating creative thinking🔸 Initiating intercultural dialogue🔸 Creating a friendly space to share your initiatives and views🔸 Promoting the idea of the Erasmus plus program🔸 Realizing that by producing garbage we are threatening our planet and the organisms living on it🔸Promoting civic activity

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