Polonya’da 1 Hafta Eğitim Kursu Projesi

Who can apply: This call is open only to people who have a GREEN passport or valid visa.

* Topic: Hopp on Board

• Where: Milovka, Poland

Age: +18
Team: 3 participants
Date: 7 – 14 March 2024

10 Participant profile: Needed effective communication in English at least B1-B2 level, preferably youth workers, trainers, activists, and youth leaders.

$ Budget: Up to 275 Eur travel expenses are covered *, and food & accommodation are covered by the organisation.



CYA Instagram:

, Application: Tag your 3 friends in this post in terms of making the project more visible (will be checked during the evaluations) and applications will be closed on 21.02.2024.(17.00)

  • Results will be announced on the CYA Instagram account (on this post). Estimated time: 24.02.2024
  • Participant must come from Türkiye and go back to Türkiye
  • CYA will give priority to the young people who did not attend an Erasmus+ project before accordingly group balance and dynamism in the scope of the CYA Participant Selection Process.
  • CYA will evaluate the candidates who answer the question

“To able to represent Republic of Türkiye as well as its state, Ataturk’s reforms, and its values” as YES.

Proje ilanı alıntıdır ve yaygınlaştırma amacıyla paylaşılmıştır. Proje sorumluluğunda değildir. Detaylı bilgi almak için lütfen kurum ile iletişime geçiniz.

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