Macaristan’da 13 Gün Gençlik Değişim Projesi

“The ladder is in front of every man, anyone can climb!”– Youth Exchange –2021

Organiser: Ökográf Egyesület

Project duration:
15 days, 02.09.2021-16.09.2021

Project venue:
Pécs, Hungary

Deadline: 04.08.2021

Application Form: Click HERE

In local hostel


36 participants from 6 partner countries (1 group leader + 5 participants from each country)
We sign Mandate document and Internal Partnership Agreement with the partner organisations.

In addition to the main activities, we organize cultural / leisure activities during the 15-day program. The two-week project requires greater commitment from young people and, in our experience, positively contributes to the quality of the project and to the development of deeper relationships between the participants and the local population. During the project we provide an opportunity to introduce ourselves, participate in workshops, present the countries and values of the participants in intercultural evenings, and discover the values of the city by excursions and sightseeing. During the excursions, they learn about our local values, meet our built cultural heritage, and have the opportunity to meet young people from different countries to meet local people. During intercultural evenings, participants present where they came from (according to their values, their professions, their history and their present, innovations, start-ups, etc., pictures, videos, presentations) according to the values of their locality and region.

Planned activities are conducted in five smaller mixed-ethnic groups, rotated every two days to ensure that everyone has a taste of each knowledge material, and thus promotes the ability to work in mixed groups.

Planned activities:
Project implementation: Define the results of team building and presentation of project goals, steps to achieve results (day 1-2). – group work, frontal work, non-formal learning methods

1.Photo and APP workshop
2. Creative Recycling Workshop 1-2
3.Bookbinding workshop
4. contemporary Art workshop
5. Charity workshop
6. Paper Workshop
7. Cultural programs – large groups or groups. on-demand small group activities, non-formal
learning methods, leisure activities Guided sightseeing tours, festival visits, visiting the World Cultural Heritage of Pécs, Zsolnay Cultural Quarter, which is also a good example of the basic concept of youth exchange, ie the modern afterlife and function change of an old, famous factory building complex.
8. Entrepreneurship Day – large group or on demand small group activities, non-formal learning methods Visiting companies and manufactories that fit into the theme of the project.

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