Nasıl Gitmiş

Karayipler’de 8 Gün Gençlik Değişim Projesi

Tarih ve Yer: 7-16 Mart 2022- St.Maarten Adası

Katılımcı: 5 katılımcı (Toplam 30 Katılımcı)

Ülkeler: Türkiye, Litvanya, Hırvatistan, Bulgaristan, Çek Cumhuriyeti ve Karayipler

Başvuru yapmak için TIKLAYINIZ.

Konu:  ECOArt

The project touches such one the most important issue in Europe and in the whole world as environmental protection. By this project members of our organisation, with youth from partner organisations would like to stress that responsibility for the ecological situation concerns with every individual person, but only acting together we can save our planet. During the project we would like to discover how individual influences on the environment and how to minimize our harmful behavior.

Also, we would like to learn about the activities young people can do together to promote responsible eco-friendly behavior at their communities through non formal education and art.

The objectives of the project are:

– Encouraging young people towards a better understanding of ecology and environment protection, matter that affects both the rural and urban space and the way in which Europe is dealing with this problem;

– Developing the intercultural dialogue between youngsters from 6 different countries through activities based on nonformal education, which highlight the traditional customs of their countries

Nasıl Gitmiş

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