İtalya’da 7 Gün Gençlik Değişim Projesi

Who can apply: This call is open only to people who have a GREEN passport or valid visa.

Topic: Unlocking Rural Sustainable Development: Keys to Success

Where: Catania, Italy

Age: 18-24

Team: 4 participants

17 Date: 24 Sept- 2 Oct 2023 700 Necessaries: Minimum B1 English language proficiency

Budget: Up to 275 Eur travel expenses are covered, and food & accommodation are covered by the organisation.

Detailed info: CYA Instagram bio >

Application link: CYA Instagram bio >

making the project more visible (will be checked during the evaluations) and applications will be closed on 11.07.2023/16.00.

  • Please, do not pay attention to the wrong project date in the infopack! Valid dates are 24 September 2023 (Arrival day) and 02 September 2023 (Departure day).
  • Results will be announced on the CYA Instagram account

Estimated time: 24.07.2023

  • CYA will give priority to the young people who did not attend an Erasmus+ project before accordingly group balance and dynamism in the scope of the CYA Participant Selection Process.

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