İtalya’da 1 Hafta Gençlik Değişim Projesi

Media can impact an audience’s thoughts, attitudes, and behavior, often playing part in shaping modern culture. Such effects can also reinforce existing beliefs, whether for good or ill. The media we consume shapes our opinions on many different important topics – including politics, healthcare, and current events. The last thing we want is to base such important opinions on lies and misinformation. Platforms such as Instagram and Facebook allow rapid sharing of information, which gives news a chance to spread quickly,often making the fake news seem believable.

The project aims to address the mentioned problems and equip young people coming from different countries with the skills of media literacy and critical thinking to discern credible information from misinformation, enabling them to make informed decisions and avoid being overwhelmed by information.

Name: Media Literacy Matters

Date: 14-23 of May, 2024 (including travel days)

Place: Pignola, Italy 🇮🇹🇪🇺

Number of Participants: 10+2

Accommodation, meals and transportation expenses will be covered by the host organisation. 

Participant Profile:

Profile of participants: We are looking for 10 young people and 2 youth workers from Türkiye: 

-Motivated to take part in a youth exchange and are interested in the topic of the project;-Motivated to implement the experience gained in the Youth Exchange in their communities;
Motivated to build and support international partnerships that will be created during the Youth Exchange for future Erasmus+ projects;
-Age limit 18 – 23 years old, preferred.

Profile of group leaders: Youth workers, leaders with experiences in international youth field, with non-formal education based methodology.


You can access more detailed information about the project on the information package. Please click on the link for the information package: Infopack

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