İspanya’da 7 Gün Gençlik Değişim Projesi

Call for Turkish participants 🇹🇷 for a YE in Spain 🇪🇸

•❓Who can apply: Due to epidemic restrictions, applicants must have an EU residence permit and must reside in Turkey. Basically, we’re looking for people who have 2 passports. Note: if you have only a green passport, it is not valid. 🇪🇺

•🔖Mobility topic: Healthy lifestyle – YE
• 🌍Where: Castrillo de la Vega – 2 hours from Madrid
•📅 When: 23-30 August 2021
• 🙋👱Team: 5 participants +1 leader / 3 boys, 3 girls
• 🔢Age: 18-25 years old. Leader age is not limited
• 💯Necessaries: Intermediate English proficiency, good mood, and being open-minded
• 💵The budget: 510 Euro/5100 TL, food and accommodation are covered

•Click HERE for details.

• Click HERE for application form
• ⏳Application deadline: 15.05.2021
• ❤️Selection results: 18.05.2021
• 🚗Sending org: KADER
• 🔄Travel adjustments: All travel arrangements must be ready by 7 July. Otherwise, participation will be canceled by the project management team.

Pandemi sebebiyle ülkelerin almış olduğu tedbirler kapsamında katılımcıların ÇİFTE VATANDAŞ veya D TİPİ VİZEYE (OTURUM İZNİNE) sahip olması gerekmektedir. Bu sebeple başvuru yapabilmeniz için ÇİFTE VATANDAŞ olmanız veya D TİPİ VİZEYE (OTURUM İZNİNE) sahip olmanız gerekmektedir.

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