İspanya’da 2 Ay ESC Gönüllülük Projesi


Our permanent volunteer program at 8th Life is open to ESC volunteers as well as to volunteers in general. The program offers permaculture education, practical ecological farm work, multicultural community experience, and sustainable life/company design, all with a focus on learning by doing. The program is organized in cycles of 2 and 6 months. Two months volunteering is perfect for a solid introduction to the principles and practice of permaculture and to the work and life in an ecological farm. Whereas six months volunteering deepens into leadership building, capacity building and life design projects. In both cases, our volunteers receive a formal permaculture course organized together with the Integral Permaculture Academy, which belongs to our association as well. Daily activities are divided in 3 time slots of 2,5 hours: farm work in the morning (garden, forest, animals, infrastructure maintenance), individual and group project development, and permaculture classes.


Volunteers are hosted in our farm, in shared bedrooms. Most of the year, external facilities are used (solar shower, compost toilet, outside kitchen). Internet connection is available in most of the shared spaces. Comfort is basic as we mostly live outside during the year. In winter though, it can rain frequently and temperature can go down to 5 degrees celsius by night (it can be cold inside too). Part of the food is produced on the farm, and we cover the costs of what’s missing. Meals are organized and prepared both by volunteers and residents. No local transportation is needed.


The aim of our project is to train them so that they can become social and environmental changemakers, improve their awareness of the natural environment, become proactive actors of their personal and professional lives, and to become leaders in their communities. Through this project, volunteers will enhance their skills in ecological agriculture and farm tasks and improve the fertility of soils and biodiversity of the region. Volunteers are trained through workshops (permaculture, composting, carpentry, eco-construction, etc.) and the development of individual projects.


Minimum requirements for candidates are: To be passionate about the environment, farming, and permaculture; To be willing to learn rural skills and enjoy doing physical work; To be ready to spend 2 months (with the possibility of extending this period to 6 months in total) living and working on a farm with basic comfort facilities; To be deeply interested in studying sustainability and permaculture subjects and to engage in intellectual debates; Open-minded and predisposition to learning; ready to participate in maintenance activities such as cooking and cleaning. Basic spanish preferred.


 A total of 19 week(s) during the period 31/05/2021 to 15/10/2021


 Calle El Brezal 1, 38788 Las Tricias Spain

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