İspanya’da 12 Ay ESC Gönüllülük Projesi

The project will be developed in “Residencia Buenavista” near a very small village called “Real de Gandia” in the region of “La Safor”. The biggest town around and capital of the region is Gandia, with a population over 80,000 people in the Mediterranean east coast of Spain between the cities of Valencia and Alicante.

There will be a very wide range of possible activities available for the volunteers, they will be able to help and give support in tasks such as:

● Planning, implementing and evaluating their daily schedule and educational activities (literacy, workshops …) as well as making sports and leisure resources for minors.
● Planning, designing and evaluating socio-educational and psychosocial intervention with the minors and accompany them to medical appointments.
● Participating in the coordination meetings of the Working Group and the Educational Team.
● Recording data and prepare and write reports that are required by the Technical Team.
● Requesting transportation needs to Management at the educational team meeting.
● Recording weekly outings planned for your tutelage in the diary field, and interviews and communication with family members (if possible) to follow up on their evolution.
● Supporting with the management of purchases for the needs of minors or for the activities that are carried out, as well as clothing inventory.
● Completing the documents included in the Individualized Intervention Project (P.I.I.): Initial Observation Record, Prolonged Observation Record, Follow-up Record and Final Report.
● Supporting the creation and development of activities, campaigns and events (cultural, environmental, social) for children and youth to promote the values of the center.
● Helping with the coordination of local volunteers, as well as getting new people interested in collaborating to perform tasks of all kinds in the center.
● Promoting ESC and the Erasmus + program to encourage youth to participate.
● Helping with the maintenance of the website, as well as social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TIk Tok …) for dissemination of the center’s activities and help eliminate the stigma suffered by these young migrants.
● Create audiovisual material (photography, videos, time-lapses, stop motions) and design of logos or other promotional material that allows to give visibility to the day to day of these young people thus eliminating the status of criminals that is attributed to them on many occasions.

Başvuru yapmak için TIKLAYINIZ.


We are looking for 3 highly motivated volunteers from any of the EU programme countries with a very positive attitude and initiative, adaptable to change, with problem-solving capacity and able to work both independently and as a team member. The ideal candidates should have some experience, studies or a major interest in:

– Social Education and integration, Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology or similar.
– Audio-visuals, Web management, Social media or any related topics.

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