İrlanda’da 1 Yıl ESC Gönüllülük Projesi


This is a one year programme from September 2022 to August 2023. It is for 10 trained or experienced actors, 1 trained or experienced film-maker (videographer) and 1 graphic designer. Participants will work with young people ( facilitating free drama and film projects in the community.

All applicants must apply through our website application form here Volunteers will learn how to facilitate drama workshops. The project focuses on using drama and film to encougae young people from marginalised backgrounds to become active citizens and tackle social injustice. This project is for EU young people but we especially welcome actors who are LGBTI+, Roma, from ethnic minorities, Black, Asian, Eastern European, and African. ALL enquires by email to Applicants who apply only here on PASS will not be prioritised you must read about the project on our website and apply there too.


Volunteers should have experience of drama and theatre performance and be aged 21 to 30. You’ll have initiative, & be able to start your own work. Be prepared for cold, dark and wet winters. Be able to work in flexible, changing, and organically structured environments. We positively encourage young actors who have one or more of the following criteria to apply: You are LGBTQI+; from a migrant background, or your family has migrated; You may be experiencing difficulties in your home society related to your beliefs; cultural identity, gender, religious background (including aetheısm).


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