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Looking for Turkish participants for the youth exchange “RESOLVE: Peace Camps” in UK/ London 12 – 17 February 2022!

Our group will be represented by 2 girls and 2 boys where 39 people will be attending in total.

Passport and time: You must have a valid passport ready. On the day you travel you should have at least 6 months left on your passport.
Visa: UK applies visas to Turkish citizens. Visa costs (until 110€) will be reimbursed after the project when all the documents submitted.
Travel costs: Travel costs will be paid by the participant in advance. Upon submission of documents, up to € 360 will be reimbursed after the youth exchange. %70 will be reimbursed after the exchange in 10 days. %30 will be reimbursed after the final report.
Exit Fee: It will be covered by the participants. (50TRY per each)
Travel&Health Insurance: will be covered by participants (approx. 10 EUR)
Transfer costs between banks: will be deducted from the reimbursement. (no more than 10 EUR)
Registration Fee: 35 EUR
Covid-19: PCR tests will be covered by participants. According to country regulations you have to have your vaccinations completed.
Accommodation and Meals: Participants will stay in the rooms with four participants from other countries. Women and men will stay in separate rooms. Meals will be provided by the host organization.

18-25 years of age
To be able to speak English.
Yet, being not involved in any projects abroad is a plus.
Fewer opportunities background is a plus.
Have been volunteering for Imece Network is a plus.
Being able to handle issues such as plane tickets, visa application etc.
To be able to participate in the preliminary meeting to be held in Istanbul with our selected participants.

Başvuru yapmak için TIKLAYINIZ.

Deadline : 3rd December 2021 Friday 23:59 pm

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