Hollanda’da 6 Gün Gençlik Değişim Projesi

Hollanda’nın Arnhem şehrinde gerçekleşecek olan Erasmus+Gençlik Değişimi için Türkiye’den vize veya yeşil pasaport sahibi 4 katılımcı aranıyor.


Our project stands committed to nurturing responsible digital citizenship among a diverse cohort of young individuals. Central to our mission is the resolution to address pressing issues including cyberbullying, misinformation, and privacy concerns. We aim to arm participants with indispensable critical digital literacy skills, a pursuit bolstered by collaborative efforts with international partners. This collaborative endeavour promises an enriched pool of experiences and strategies to effectively confront the digital landscape’s multifaceted challenges.The project aims to instil a sense of responsibility and active engagement in building a positive online environment.

 Learning objectives of the program: 

•Overall, the project is geared towards:•Promoting digital literacy and ethical behavior online
•Empowering young individuals with critical thinking skills in the digital realm
•Raising awareness about cyberbullying, fake news, and digital security
•Encouraging empathy and understanding among participants
•Creating a safe and respectful digital community through informed digital citizenship
•By engaging participants in discussions about ethical dilemmas, encouraging critical thinking about technology use, and emphasizing digital security, the project aims to instill a sense of responsibility and active engagement in building a positive online environment

Participant Profile:
•aged between 18 and 30

•Enable to take part in the whole project

•Have the motivation to run workshops during the project and in the local community, based on knowledge gained on this project
•Be able to work and live in an intercultural and international environment

– All work throughout the project will be in English.
– English would be an advantage, but the language level will not be considered the only selection criteria.

Travel Accommodation and Meals Expenses:

-The Erasmus+ program finances the project. The costs related to accommodation, food, and coffee breaks will be covered by the hosting organization and the travel costs will be reimbursed according to the Erasmus+ country standards.

-Personal and medical insurance are the responsibility of the individual participant.
-Please remember that taxi and business class tickets will not be reimbursed, what the travel cost includes is:
Economic class flight tickets, Train, bus and public transportation tickets.

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