Nasıl Gitmiş

Hırvatistan’da 7 Gün Gençlik Değişim Projesi

MAFEE is looking for participants age 18-30 from Turkey for a youth exchange under the title “Sweet, sweet life“.

Venue: Samobor (Zagreb), Croatia
Dates: 1-9 August (including traveling)

No participation fee. More info and application form on the link HERE.

Topics covered are:
✅ diabetes – what is it, how it works, how to manage it
✅ raising awareness about diabetes and other health conditions
✅different types of diet and their impact on health
✅ breaking the taboo of living with chronical health condition
✅ prevention and relevance of living balanced life

Costs: Fully covered in line with Erasmus+ rules

Deadline to apply: 10 July

Nasıl Gitmiş

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