Hırvatistan’da 2 Ay ESC Gönüllülük Projesi


The activities will take place in “Eko centar Latinovac” in small village in Croatia, from June 3rd to July 31st. We will host 14 volunteers to work on the topics of sustainable and rural development, community building, promotion of volunteerism, permaculture and multiculturalism. During this period three main activities will be preparation and hosting public events and help in repurposing an estate that used to be the public village school. Outside of the local community we will be having various promotional, sport and educational activities with regional organizations. Volunteers will be able to experience living and working in community, rural lifestyle, permaculture practices, vegetarian cuisine and peace and quiet in a small rural village. We will be working 6 hours per day, 5 days a week, both in morning and afternoon hours with a generous lunch break in between. The project team has a 8 years experience and over 250 ESC volunteers have passed through Latinovac already.


Volunteers will be accommodated in the village/ECL property and will have access to shared room(s) with beds, a shower, washing machine and a kitchen area. During working days, Eco center will prepare 3 epic and tasty vegetarian meals. For non-working days, volunteers will receive “food money”. Also, we have garden and orchard area. Locals produce milk, eggs and, for carnivores, meat. Transport – depending on the distance calculator the travel costs are covered by grant. We will help as well. Pocket money – included by grant.


Volunteers can expect to have daily supervision in all activities, for more complex tasks, volunteers will have theoretical and demonstrational training and supervision. During the project activities volunteers will have mentor support through group and/or individual meetings. Volunteers are welcome to share their skill set with one another.



requirement: Basic English skills. We welcome applicants with any skillset, as we will put to use pretty much anyone from web developer, children animator to an experienced construction worker. Still, some points are worth mentioning: adaptable, responsible and punctual. Able to articulate his/her needs, open and polite in communication. Bonus points if you enjoy biking, hiking, outdoors in general, are a team player and looking to expand your horizons. Previous experience in volunteering is not obligatory. Personal motivation is one of the main selection criteria.

Nasıl Gitmiş

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