Eti’D.E. 2024 Genç Yetenek Staj Programı

Would you like to be a part of our global team which turns dreams into reality?

We are looking forward for you to join us in our Eti’D.E. 2024, which is full of happiness and provides a real project experience in order to discover your own limits and take a step into the future with us.

If you want to be involved in all career coaching, trainings and final presentations, let’s apply our 3 months internship program!

• If you are 3rd or 4th year student,

• If you have a very good command of English,

• If you have a career goal in Human Resources, Marketing, Sales, Supply Chain, Business Development, Production, R&D, Finance, Product Development, Digital and Information Systems, Machinery Systems,  Technology and Quality Assurance in FMCG sector,

• If you are brave and agile,

• If you have entrepreneurial spirit,

• If you think out of the box and your dreams have no boundaries, you are exactly the one we are looking for!

Come on, let’s start! 

It’s time for you to apply for our program where;

• You can get to know Eti and the business world for 3 months (from July to September),

• You can have training programs regarding professional life,

• You can get mentorship from your project advisor throughout the whole process and benefit from her/his experience,

• You will have a chance to present your project to the top management.

Click to apply:

Assessment Journey: 

  • Application 
  • Completing Candidate Screening Questions
  • Video Interview
  • Assessment Tests
  • Online Interview
  • Offer

Application evaluation process continues between February to June.

Job Ads inactivate at the end of June, the final returns to the candidates are completed by July. 

Candidate applications are evaluated only through the Eti’D.E. Ad on Linkedin.

*Eti’D.E. 2024 Internship Program’s language will be English.

İlan alıntıdır ve yaygınlaştırma amacıyla paylaşılmıştır. İlan sorumluluğunda değildir. Detaylı bilgi almak için lütfen kurum ile iletişime geçiniz.

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