Danimarka’da 10 Ay ESC Gönüllülük Projesi

ICYE APPLICATION FORMS ARE ACCEPTED: The Red Cross in Aarhus works and engages in the local community. Currently, we have more than 40 activities, where we help people who are experiencing loneliness, homeless people, people without a network and people in need of aid. Also, we provide courses and education and have several second-hand stores. We are in constant development as we strive to provide voluntary help, when the need for it arises. As an international volunteer you’ll help and gain experience with planning events – big and small. We are especially looking for volunteers who are interested in promoting sustainability and second-hand shopping through different events such as pop-up stores in and around Aarhus. The second-hand pop-up shops are an opportunity for us to promote sustainability, second-hand shopping and the different Red cross activities in the city.

01/09/2022 – 30/06/2023 tarihleri arasında 10 ay



Shared apartment with other volunteers located near the project. Pocket money and food allowance are provided.


On-arrival and mid-term training offered by the Danish National Agency.


Ideal volunteer’s profile: have an interest in events – and how they can help market and promote an organization. Be able to cooperate – you’ll work closely with Danish volunteers, interns, employees and different companies. Have an interest in promoting sustainability, second-hand shopping and the Red Cross in Aarhus. Speak, understand and write English at a good level. Have an understanding of volunteering work and the positive impact it can have on a local community. Have general IT-knowledge. Have a driver license and be comfortable with driving in a foreign country.

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