Nasıl Gitmiş

Bulgaristan’da Erasmus+ Gençlik Değişim Projesi

Bulgaristan’daki yeni bir Erasmus+ Gençlik Değişimi projesi için 18-29 yaşlarında katılımcılar aranıyor. Katılımcılar zihinsel engelliyse minimum yaşı 13’e kadar düşebilir.

Başvuru Formu:

The purpose of this activity is to solve one of the main problems of young people with intellectual disabilities – their insufficient active involvement in work and not enough opportunities for professional realization. We aim to transfer and apply good patterns and practices through the educational mobility of young people with difficulties, youth workers, and young volunteers. The goal is to use informal and innovative training methods based on peer to peer interaction, practical exercise and real work experience to develop skills, attitude and motivation for joint work activities with intellectually disabled youth. 

Project Name:  Let’s work together
Project Dates: 05-16 August 2024 (including travel days)
Project Venue: Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

Accommodation, meals and transportation expenses will be covered by the host organisation.

Participant Profile: 

In the project participate 12 young people (age 18 – 29) with experience or motivation to work for social inclusion of intellectually disabled youth and 4 young people with intellectual disabilities (age 13 – 29).
Participants must be ready to participate actively in preparation, implementation and follow-up activities. Each of participants should participate actively in the organizing the stay in house by support cooking, cleaning and maintenance to place of stay, by this way we aim to develop discipline and basic work skills important for daily life, work and social inclusion of disabled youth.

You can access more detailed information about the project on the information package. Please click on the link for the information package: Infopack

Nasıl Gitmiş