Bulgaristan’da 4 Ay ESC Gönüllülük Projesi


Four months project involving 2 volunteers whose aim is to create sustainable mechanisms and opportunities to overcome the effects of social isolation and at the same time to develop skills, potential and talents of children and youth from small towns and geographically remote areas, with health problems, at risk or from various marginalized communities, from socially disadvantaged or single-parent families.During the project activities, volunteers will have the opportunity to express their commitment to the difficulties of children and young people with disabilities and to help them overcome them.Volunteers will gain valuable experience and develop skills and competencies to help them increase their readiness to participate actively in the labor market, become more flexible and adaptable to the changing environment. Online activities will give them specific skills to use a variety of software tools,in real projects, upgrade their digital skills and make them competitive.


All participants will be accommodated in an apartment in single or double rooms and shared kitchen and bathroom with air conditioning and terrace. The expenses about food and transport are covered by Art center Karnolsky (host organization). The participants will receive pocket money as well.


During the project the participants will receive Youth pass certificate and Special certificate from Art Center Karnolsky.


We are looking for young, active and smiling people who have the desire and skills to work with children and young people from different social groups. Volunteering will be useful for young people who have not yet decided on their career path, young people who have not been studying nor working for a long time or have lost their employment as a result of the pandemic and the measures taken by governments.


Art Center Karnolski from Bulgaria is looking for two volunteers (Republic of North Macedonia, Serbia or Turkey) for a current project under the European Solidarity Corps for a 4-month project in Sofia – online music education for children and youth with disabilities. Period:
from March/April to July/August 2021
or from July/August to October/November 2021.
If you are interested – write to us at

Nasıl Gitmiş

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