Bulgaristan Burgaz’da 2 Ay ESC Gönüllülük Projesi


Publicity and awareness activities; preparing posts and invitations for social media events, publications to disseminate the results. preparation and implementation of public activities, campaigns, festival for youth street arts “Carrousel”, participation in informal training on the forms and technology of the theater. – present the various forms of theater and street art, production of sets and art installations, art workshops; – participate in training modules for brainstorming to generate ideas – create a preliminary program of the festival; prepare scenarios; creation of props (costumes, accessories, make-up, dolls, masks); – participate in workshops for making decorations and art installations, relying on the green principles of using recyclable materials; – prepare musical arrangement and choreography, prepare short films for participation in the activity, create a digital photo album of the activities. The activity takes place in the city of Burgas/Bulgaria for 2 months.


Accommodation is provided in accommodations with the necessary sanitary and domestic conditions. Each volunteer is provided monthly with financial means for rent of accommodation and household supplies (electricity, water and other expenses related to the accommodation). Each month, the project provides funds for pocket money according to the regulations of the Program – 5 euros per day for Bulgaria, as well as for food, according to the standard of the host country and the project’s estimates. If necessary, funds for intra-city transport are provided.


During the activity, the participants gain an enriching experience through informal and self-directed learning. Preparatory training before volunteering. During the activity, the participant participates in team building, teamwork training and multicultural environment, digital transformation. Cultural and linguistic knowledge of the host country is provided, as well as free language training through the EU’s online language platform.During the activity, the volunteer is trained using the “learning by doing” method to develop key language competencies that are validated in a European Youthpass


The organization applies the principles of non-discrimination and equal participation of all, regardless of origin, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, etc. Age of participants between 18 and 30 years. Participants must have a clear understanding of the essence of volunteering, motivation oriented towards the organization’s mission and goals, be responsible for the tasks set, tolerant of other volunteers and local communities. Participants must have a clear motivation for participating in voluntary activities and an awareness that they are carrying out solidarity activities .

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2021 yılında gönüllü olduğumu Bulgaristan Burgas’taki deneyemimizi izlemek için TIKLAYINIZ.


 A total of 8 week(s) during the period 01/10/2023 to 30/11/2023


Burgas Bulgaria

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