Avusturya’da 8 Gün Eğitim Kursu (Gençlik Çalışanları Hareketliliği)

This Erasmus+ training course will take place between the dates of 18- 26 October 2021 date in Neu Nagelberg in Austria organized by MOVE to Be You.


Mental health disorders have been alarmingly increasing over the recent years, with the current pandemic we are facing worldwide there has been a significant increase in the number of people who are suffering from stress, depression, fear, anxiety.

The project aims to foster:

-Understand young people with mental health challenges better, use Non formal education tools to include them in our community and help them maintain good mental health.
-Increase capacity of target group in mental health in youth work

Target group: NGOs, youth workers, youth leaders.

-To improve key competences and skills of youth workers for better mental health in youth work
-To promote & to enhance intercultural learning, non formal learning, promote intercultural and interreligious dialogue, EU values.
-To transfer skills and non formal education tools among participant to improve the quality of their work with young people with have mental health challenges (fear, anxiety, stress etc) (We will use positive psychology techniques, meditation, stress management, breathing techniques will help us reach this goal);
-To promote social inclusion, solidarity & social and cultural diversity through our non-formal and informal education activities at local and international levels;
– To offer an opportunity to build networks of international contacts, opportunity for new future projects;
-To promote Erasmus+ Programme and the European Commission.

Deadline to submit applications: 28th July 2021.

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