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Haltegriff, an Institution specialized in Youth Welfare, offers living and work training for young people with NEET-status (Not in Education, Employment or Training) aged 16 to 21, who for various reasons can`t live at home. “Haltegriff” aims at encouraging young people regarding a long-term professional and personal independence. Emphasis is on knowledge transfer concerning skills that help stabilizing the young persons and thus, preparing them for a long-term integration into the labour market. Haltegriff provides job training and living facilities for 16 young people. The teams are formed of qualified people coming from different backgrounds (pedagogy, educational work, social work). Volunteer will assist work training team in trainings and workshops, meetings with employers, and support housing team in daily activities, such as cooking, sepnding time with youngsters, help them learn, keep tidiness. Free time activities (hiking, outdoor days) are organised.


The volunteer will live in his/her own apartment. The host organisation will provide a monthly ticket for public transport for the district Bruck/Kapfenberg. If requested the volunteer can have a bike as well. The volunteer can have lunch and breakfast in the canteen of BBRZ, the volunteer will get canteen tickets for that. In addition to that the volunteer will receive food money for self supply. Moreover, the volunteer will be provided with a German Language Course.


The volunteer will be supported by a task related mentor. This mentor will help the volunteer both concerning all task related issues during the project duration and to get part in the daily life of the organisation. Regular meetings between the volunteer and the mentor are provided. On Arrival Training and Mid Term Training are organized by NA Austria.A volunteer will be able to attend German classes.


CHECK INFO: We are looking for a mature and open volunteer, who is ready to work with youngsters from difficult backgrounds. Volunteer can learn about youth behaviour, education system and social work. Therefore, this position suits best for those who are in interested in education, social work, psychology, criminology and related areas. Minimum age is 21, basic knowledge of German is needed. Please send a CV and motivation letter in EN or GER with a subject “Haltegriff” to and fill a questionnaire


 A total of 25 week(s) during the period 01/02/2022 to 31/07/2022


 Paula-Wallisch-Platz 1, 8605 Kapfenberg Austria

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