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LOGO is a Youth Information Service which aims to enrich young people’s lives and provide them with various information about job, free time, education, health and international projects. The volunteer has the possibility to support a team in different levels. SUPPORT IN THE FIELD OF YOUTH INFORMATION WORK: – Get to know the basic tasks and challenges of youth information work – To become acquainted with the target group of the Youth Information Service such as the youth, multipliers, partners of every description – To become acquainted with the working methods of youth information work such as information literacy, how to make enquiries, how to edit and design relevant information for young people, giving an insight in youth counselling SUPPORT IN THE FIELD OF MEDIA RELATION: – The volunteer will be involved in creating supporting material of media. This could comprise photos, movies, articles, posters, leaflets, giveaways, the website and even Social Media Channels.


A single room will be provided for the volunteer. Graz is a city of bicycles. The volunteer will be provided with a bike in spring, summer and early autumn and with a monthly ticket for public transport in late autumn and wintertime. A volunteer will receive 250 Euros/monthly for self-supply and 150 Euros/month for pocket money.


The volunteer will participate in On Arrival Training and Mid Term Training organized by the Austrian National Agency. Technical Support will be ongoing provided in LOGO Youth Information Service. The volunteer will be able to take German course and use Online Linguistic Support in order to learn the German language.


APPLY: * Send a cv and motivation letter in English or German to: * Email subject: LOGO * Fill a questionnaire: * otherwise application will not be considered * PROFILE: interested in social media and communication means for young people; Some experience of Graphic Design, Photography, Video making and Social Media Design skills are very welcome; motivated to assist team in creating information materials; creative, reliable and willing to develop new projects for young people. INFO:


 A total of 46 week(s) during the period 01/09/2021 to 31/08/2022


 Karmeliterplatz 2, 8020 Graz, 3. Stock, 8020 Graz Austria

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