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Media, like TV and the internet, can help everyone understand mental health better, especially young people. It can be a strong tool to make people more aware and less judgmental about mental health issues. Media can be a big help for young people who can’t easily find mental health services or information. For example, through social media, young people can find mental health resources and groups that offer support. And through documentaries and news stories, they can learn about different ways to treat mental health issues. In a nutshell, our project is all about making a community where mental health is a top priority, and everyone is encouraged to look out for themselves and others.

Name: Mindful Media: Shaping Youth Well-Being

Date: 10-18 of June, 2024 (including travel days)

Place: Rettenegg, Austria 🇦🇹🇪🇺

Number of Participants: 5+1

Accommodation, meals and transportation expenses will be covered by the host organisation. The round-travel route to be followed by the Turkish participants will be shared by the Turkish partner organisation.

Participant Profile:

Profile of participants: The participant profile of the project consists of young people between the ages of 18 and 25, and these young people are expected to have the ability to communicate in English. They are also expected to be willing to participate and contribute to active activities. It is especially important that these young people show a strong interest in the main themes of the project, namely the conscious use of social media and the impact of media on young people’s mental health. They are also expected to be motivated by the opportunity to work within an international team.

Profile of group leader: Group leaders who will participate in the project are expected to be at least 18 years old and have previous experience in Erasmus+ Programme projects. Before the mobility, group leaders will attend preparatory meetings to learn about the objectives and logistics of the project. They should have the ability to facilitate some sessions during the mobility.

You can access more detailed information about the project on the information package. Please click on the link for the information package: 


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