Antalya’da 8 Gün Gençlik Değişim Projesi

26 Mayıs- 4 Haziran tarihleri arasında (Seyahat günleri hariç) Antalya Finike’de gerçekleşecek olan Erasmus+ Gençlik Değişimi projemiz için 18-26 yaş aralığında müzisyen veya müzik ile ilgili olan 4 Türk katılımcı arıyoruz. Konaklama ve yemek masrafları karşılanacak olup, seyahat masrafları karşılanmayacaktır.Son başvuru tarihi: 11 Nisan 2022


Erasmus+ – Application Form for Youth Exchange
📅 When: 25May- 5 June 2022 (25 May and 5 June are travel days)
🌏 Where: Finike- Antalya (Turkey)

💡Info project: “The Unifying Spirit of Music”; aims to bring together 37 participants aged between 18-30 from Turkey, Serbia, Poland, Romania, Spain and Lithuania. The participants (5+ one leader) will live together for 9 days and make music. Because music has a power to unite people and participants will be raised their awareness on folk music and other cultures.
Participants will be together throughout the project. In this process, they will learn about each other’s cultures, languages, music, playing techniques and dates to exchange information with peer learning which is a productive learning technique. After all the participants present their folk music, we will have knowledge about the playing techniques of all cultures. In our jam session activities, participants will be involved in the music they know with improvisation technique. In this way, all participants will be able to play their instruments with each other harmoniously. Through this group work, they will learn to be together and to live together.We will also create a choir.

In order to improve their presentation skills, they will share their music with the local people with the help of expert facilitators.
At the final night concert, the participants will demonstrate their performance.They will present to the local people with their acquisitions during the activities.
At end of the project you will get EU Youthpass Certificate.
Travel expenses will not be covered for Turkish participants.

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