Antalya’da 1 Hafta Gençlik Değişim Projesi

Call for Turkish participants for Youth Exchange in ANTALYA/TÜRKİYE

Topic: Save the Nature

Where: Antalya/Türkiye

Age: 18-30

Team: 3 participants

Date: 1-9 October 2023 700 Necessaries: Minimum B1 English language proficiency

Budget: Up to 180 Eur travel expenses are covered, food and accommodation are covered by the organisation.

Application link: 17 Application: Tag your 3 friends in this post in terms of making the project more visible (will be checked during the evaluations) and applications will be closed on 11.08.2023/23.59.

Results will be announced on the CYA Instagram account (on this post). Estimated time: 30.08.2023

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