Almaya Berlin’de 1 Yıl Avrupa Dayanışma Programı


Gatow, a district in western Berlin, hosts a variety of activities organized by Nachbarschaftshaus an der Havel, aiming to foster cultural diversity, entertainment, and intergenerational collaboration. Through theater, music events, choir participation, social gatherings, and programs, the organization promotes mutual understanding, respect, and shared experiences among participants of all ages. The focus is on empowering individuals to actively engage in their community, fostering solidarity and intergenerational cohesion. Social gatherings like picnics and festivals provide opportunities for residents of all ages to celebrate diversity and strengthen their sense of belonging, ultimately promoting social connections, cohesion, and inclusivity within the community. For more information about us: and the community hause im Gatow :


For volunteers who will participate in the project for up to one year, we organize accommodation where each will have a single room. This can be either in a free room in a neighboring shared apartment or in private accommodation with families. Each volunteer receives both food and pocket money. They will also get a monthly ticket for the AB area in Berlin.


Volunteers will join Eu seminars, learn their rights and responsibilities while sharing experiences with peers. Initially, we focus on community integration, enrolling them in a basic German language school for two months. We then strongly encourage participation in European Solidarity Corps’ German language courses. Volunteers actively engage in events, workshops, and citizen initiatives, gaining insights into our operations. Emphasizing skill development, we encourage each volunteer to explore new abilities and realize one of their personal idea im Nachbarshaftshaus.

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We welcome individuals of any gender, educational background, or nationality. We are seeking motivated, open-minded, and empathetic young people to join our team. While proficiency in German or English is advantageous, it is not mandatory. A motivation letter specifically addressing our project is required. Additional points in favor include prior experience working with older adults or children and organizing events. Musical proficiency is a bonus, but the foremost criterion is motivation. Share with us why you aspire to be part of our project, what unique qualities you bring with you.


 A total of 52 week(s) during the period 01/03/2024 to 28/02/2025

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