Polonya’da 6 Ay ESC Gönüllülük Projesi


The role of the volunteers will be to organize, help with the organization and improve the quality of life in Europe4Youth Youth centers. With a daily routine of 5 to 7 hours working in these centers the volunteers,


The 6 volunteers will share a flat payed by the association, located at walking distance from the city center of Krakow. The association will provide a monthly ticket to be able to travel from the accommodation to the working place as well as monthly money (for a total of 220€ per month) for food and extra expenses. For any extra needs or anything missing in the Flat, the association will provide as well as reimbursing extra transport costs as long as they are related to volunteering activities. The working days are from monday to friday, with 2 extra free days per month and flexible schedule


During the opportunity the volunteers will have access to a Polish course, to start learning the basics of the language as well as 2 training organized by the Polish national agency to understand and dig into the volunteering reality. All those activities are mandatory and part of your contract, they will have priority over your everyday work. At the start of the volunteering the Coordinator will also take responsibility to help the volunteers in the process of learning how and what exactly means to be a youth worker and organize our events by training them and supporting them.


Motivated and proactive, ready to experience the world of youth working and interested in organizing and leading workshops and activities. Fluent in English and able to work in a group. The coordinator will help with the everyday work in the Youth centers but the participant have to be motivated enough to organize their work and come up with ideas and activities. Flexible when it comes to the working times, any extra day or hour of work will be given back as an opportunity to relax or travel around Poland.


 A total of 24 week(s) during the period 01/07/2022 to 31/12/2022

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 Ulica Urzędnicza 14/1, 30-051 Krakow Poland

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