Nasıl Gitmiş

21-30 Kasım Tarihleri Arasında Karayipler’de Eğitim Kursu Projesi

Tarih ve Yer: 21-30 Kasım 2023

Katılımcı: 3 katılımcı 

Ülkeler: Türkiye, Litvanya, Letonya, Macaristan ve Norveç

Konu: Fourth Power

Başvuru yapmak için TIKLAYINIZ.

Son Başvuru Tarihi: 12 Eylül 2023

The project’s primary goal is to empower youth workers with the necessary knowledge, skills, and tools to foster media literacy among young individuals. Specifically, the project strives to accomplish the following aims:

Raise awareness among youth workers regarding the significance of media literacy for young people and its profound impact on their well-being and critical thinking abilities.

Enhance the media literacy competencies of youth workers, encompassing their capacity to judiciously consume media, scrutinize media messages, assess reliability, and cultivate critical thinking.

Furnish youth workers with the requisite knowledge and skills for crafting media content while adhering to copyright, data collection, and privacy regulations.

Empower youth workers to implement novel activities and methodologies for promoting media literacy among young individuals.

Establish a network of youth workers who can exchange ideas, share best practices, and disseminate their experiences in the realm of promoting media literacy among young people.

By realizing these objectives, the project seeks to contribute to the development of a digitally literate generation of young individuals who can make informed decisions, critically analyze media messages, and assume responsible and engaged citizenship in the digital age.

Nasıl Gitmiş

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