Polonya’da 2 Ay ESC Gönüllülük Projesi

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Name: Social Wizards
Founding: Team Volunteering ESC
Recruiting: 12 Volunteers Now!!!
Deadline for Application: 23-12-2021
Where: Leszno, Poland ( between Poznan and Wroclaw)
When: 10-01-2022 to 09-03-2022
Project: ESC11 2020-3-PL01-ESC11-094955

If interested please contact the coordinator directly:

  1. Winter Camps: volunteers during their activities will be prepared to work with children, in particular in such a way that language is not a barrier in participation, using non-formal education methods, including outdoor activities.
  2. Support : Local volunteer club (LCW) This will give them a chance to get to know Polish volunteers, integrate, and exchange experiences. Promoting solidarity, international learning, attitudes of tolerance and openness, and multilingualism.
  3. 19/01 Popcorn Day – volunteers will organize a movie evening combined with a discussion for teenagers from primary schools in Leszno on the applicant’s premises.
  4. 28/01 International Lego Day – volunteers will run workshops for children using LEGO bricks, during the classes a map of Leszno will be created from the bricks.
  5. Working with families with fewer opportunities – volunteers will meet families receiving social and food aid on the premises of the ECHO association. Sorting clothes for free distribution.
  6. Will conduct DIY workshops for children and culinary workshops for parents on how not to waste food.
  7. January is the month of veganism – volunteers will engage in activities aimed at promoting veganism as a diet that reduces carbon footprint and limits the exploitation�environment.



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