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Hello there! Would You like to work with young people in a Christian context, and live together with other young adults in a shared community house? Welcome to Broby! The purpose of our project is to be a resource for youth in our area. The community house where You live is open for our youths several evenings every week, and together with the other volunteers you plan and invite them to different events. Game nights, movies in our cinema room, crafts and art, hiking, cooking or baking, drama groups, music… The sky is the limit! We want to involve You as much as possible! By letting Your interests and talents take a lot of room in our work, we believe that You will grow personally and as a youth leader, and we feel privileged to join you on this journey. Except for the youth groups we will also introduce you to other things: childrens groups, cafés, language and integration work with imigrants, second hand stores and many more. We are looking forward to hear from you! Welcome!


You will live together with other young adults in a shared community house owned by the church. Together you take care of the house maintenance and cleaning, and you take turns in cooking for each other. Every day you have a meal together, and once a week we gather for a house meeting combined with some teaching in different topics or leadership training. Once you are accepted for our program, we will book your travel here together, and we will cover the costs. Travel costs during the program is covered by us.


All the different groups you attend (as a leader) will be your informal training, “learning by doing”. Together we will reflect on your work and your progress. You will also attend some conferences together with other ESC-volunteers, either digitally on distance or in our capital, Stockholm. We also want to give you a lot of time and encouragement to develop your own interests and talents, so that you can inspire our youth on those areas. You will have a lot of time to learn Swedish! It is important for your participation in some groups, and it is a big win for you!


We want YOU for our project! Anyone is welcome with an application! But: this is a year when you will meet a lot of different people, and you will have our youths spending time in your house many evenings every week. This means that you need to have some social skills and capacity. We are a Christian organisation, but you don’t need to share our beiefs. Everyone is welcome! But you need to have a respect for religious persons, and you need to be prepared for spending a lot of time in different Christian contexts. We have had non-Christian volunteers before, and that worked out fine.


 A total of 52 week(s) during the period 01/08/2021 to 31/10/2022


 storgatan 6, 28941 broby Sweden

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